Moonlight Meetings

Wherever you are tonight,
Sweet love,
Look to the Moon.

Let our gazes meet
For the first time
Somwhere on Her dimpled face.
Let them fall in love,
Let them fall asleep,
Fingers entwined,
As they lie under a
Sea of stars,

Dreaming, conspiring
Of the day
That you and I
Will fall in love,
Will fall asleep,
Fingers entwined,
As we lie under a
Sea of stars,

Bathed in the light
Of our sweet love,
The Moon.

From a Distance

Like the first cool breeze
After a lion summer,
Like the first drop of rain,
The first gentle kiss of spring,
My first glimpse of you
Set my heart aflame.

There you were,
Regal, charming,
Coolly distant, and
Unaware entirely
That my gaze
Longed to meet yours.

For as every flower
In the garden of Eden
Blossoms happy and free,
I blossomed for you,
But you’d never blossom for me.

Worlds Apart

And so they fly,
Birds of black,
Against a brilliant blue moon,

And so the stars,
Standing shyly by,
Maintain their distance
From her,
Their goddess celestial,
Blushing at the sight of her
Brilliant white glow,

And so does she,
The moon herself,
Softly sigh,
At her star-crossed lover,
Her beau: The Sun,
Whose morning glory, whose light,
Crosses the heavens
To caress her face,

So that she may shine.

A New Day

The February wind caresses my face

And toussles my hair,

As I stand outside,


To keep my heart from

Freezing over.

You didn’t come.

I waited forever,

But I can’t any longer.



My heart cannot, will not

Wait for you any longer.

Black and bitter,

The coffee slides past my lips,

Melting every inch of

My dead heart.

I can finally see again,

That the sun never stopped shining,

The city around me,

Never stopped humming.

The February wind kisses my face,

And toussles my hair,

As I stand outside,

Sipping my coffee,

And waiting,

For my life to begin.

If We Meet

Why is it that
I love you but
have never met you?

Will my eyes recognize yours?
Will your heart
Skip a beat
When it recognizes mine?

The roads
On which we trudge forward
Were laid
Gently by Fate,

Will they merge one day?

If they do,
Hold my hand,

And lets get lost together.

Eden with You

Like two small droplets,
We are trickling down
The stem of a flower

At times you are ahead,
And at times it’s me.
Both of us racing
Against time,
Against each other.

But my love we are blind.

For our paths are fated
To meet,
You and I will collide
And will travel as one,


In love,
Hand in hand,

Until we reach the end,

And bloom
Into eternity.

All For You.

Let go
And I’ll be here to catch you.

I am your shadow.
I live for the light
In which you grow, love, thrive,
Even if it means I must
Marry the solitude of a life
Lived separately.

Know that when the light fades,
I will not.

I shall remain,
For the darkness is my domain,
And you, sweet love,
Are safe here
Because even in the dark,
Sweet love,

I live only
To see you shine.